To Grace or Not…

11 Apr

B&N: A pic I took...dreaming...

To grace bookstore shelves, dress display windows (like at the airport), and now, be projected through Kindle screens is the future any writer wants for his book.  Needless to say, the writer really wants people to read and enjoy his/her work. (I would be ecstatic if just one, one person read and enjoyed my book – beyond the agent and editor, of course.

For me, there would really be no joy unless my book was bought, read, and enjoyed by others.  Just gracing bookshelves is only one lick of the icecream cone.   I would be most satisfied if my book were to be enjoyed not only by many now, but also by many in years (hundreds)  to come.

That’s asking a lot for someone who has little talent.  But hey, ask any writer, dreaming is the fun part..

Listen, to be remembered by name plus a few honorable facts hundreds from years from now is fulfilling.  What is even more fulfilling is to be remembered by name AND by the literary value of your imaginative work.  Oh, how I’d want my book to be on a required reading list, be a souce of a book report, have my characters be referred to on a test…one hundred years from now. 

Think Jesus, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Austen, Twain, Wright, etc. and this is not even a beginning of a comprehensive list.  (No, I know Jesus didn’t write a book, but his parables were written in the minds and hearts of people, and here we are 2,017 years later referring to them.)

That would be success for me.  It is not why I want to write, but it is the method by which I would measure my success as a writer.  Certainly not by any dollar amount.

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