Bookstore Euphoria…

13 Apr

B&N Entry- just walking through these doors...

When I’m at a bookstore – independent or like a Barnes and Noble, I get a euphoria that is undescribable. When I walk in, I actually feel enveloped by a force of literary greatness in the air.  With the utmost respect, I browse the shelves as though I am at a gallery of fine art, admiring covers and titles, and author names.  I know that behind those covers lie literature that has been nutured through a process – starting with the writer and his creative way with words.   An elaborate story expected to unfold within the reader’s imagination.  Perhaps rather, the work would enhance the reader’s intellect  with a compilation of facts, figures, and tables.  

Books of hardback or paper, small and large, pictureless or artful.  They all have gone through a process. From the author to the agent, followed by the editor, then the publishing house, and ultimately a highly selective process to make it where it is – on display by this noble establishment. 
  New books of this millenium share the shelves with the likeness of the great authors such as Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, and others.  These same titles were enjoyed by people who waited at the docks  for the first printings to arrive from Europe by ship. Current successful authors such as Stephen King, JK Rowling, Janet Evanovich, Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson, and others are recognizeable.

B&N Display of Fame: "what a feeling..."

  Will my book ever make it there?  I actually scanned the shelves to see exactly where my books would reside (based on alphabetized order).  I wouldn’t mind being in the New York Times Bestsellers section either.  But I won’t ask for too much.  Just having the darned thing published and in a bookstore would be a lot for me.  Well, I guess I’d like people to not just pass it by, either.  

  Entertain people, allow them to forget about the trials and tribulations that are inevitably in every person’s life, to experience a great story.. is my goal.  And yeah, it came from me.  I like it, so I hope you do, too. 

That Euphoria draws me in.  Look at those books, the people taken in.  It entices me…

*courtesy crow digital media


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One response to “Bookstore Euphoria…

  1. freedomtights

    April 17, 2011 at 23:37

    I feel the same way. I love book stores and libraries, its the closest I get to some spirtual connection I think 🙂


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