September 11, 2001, I Was Clueless…

11 Sep

I had no idea anything was going on.  I was thirty-five. I was living in Catonsville (near Baltimore) Maryland.  It was a Tuesday.  I was in my usual routine.  I got up at 7:30 am, went to the gym, exercised and got home.  Dillydallied around.  Didn’t turn on any TV, because I usually only had enough time to get to work for 10:00.  I left for work, my mind on the usual things going on in my life, nothing of major substance.

My general daily attitude was:

Life was as usual all over the world – the U.S. had no major problems – some things some people liked, some things some people didn’t like.  Underdeveloped countries were poor and needing assistance.  Other countries way far away were fighting each other… it didn’t impact us, so. . .

I started my car, heading out of my subdivision, and made it the one mile to US Hwy 95 that led to my job.  (Hwy 95  is slso the route to New York).  There was major traffic.   In my usual ignorant stubbornness, I didn’t even bother to turn on the radio to find out what.

I called my job and told them I would be running late.  No one said anything to me about it.  I saw the huge signs across Hwy 95 which carried alerts.  In huge letters it read, DETOUR, AVOID NEW YORK .

I remember saying out loud.  “That’s stupid, nobody’s going to avoid New York!”  (Mind you, I had no idea what had happened.  I smirked all the way to work about the signs, which I saw two more of them.

I arrived at work.  Parked and happy-go-lucky walked in late with the “it’s not my fault I’m late” attitude.  I started seeing clients.  No one said anything.

It wasn’t until close to 12:00 noon that someone told me what had happened, in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania.   My eyes (which are already big) widened.  I was in total disbelief.

All this time I was indulging in my selfish endeavors and people had been attacked and were fighting for their lives.

I could feel all of  my inner, self-serving thoughts, ideas, and emotions dissipate.  All the petty molehills I had recently made into mountains no longer mattered in this grand scheme of things.

There was no longer me.  There was us.  It happened to us.  To someof us it happened directly, and forever my heart will weep for them, as it did today as I watched the 10 year reunion coverage.  I remember feeling so violated for months after that.  I cried.  I sang the Star Spangled Banner so many times during that period.  I even sang it into my voice mail greeting.

To those whose lives were lost or who were directly affected by the tragic events of that day, please know that others care, and will never forget the bravery  you demonstrated.   I couldn’t reach my hand out to help you, but the sorrow felt in my heart for you  that day changed me  forever into a selfless person caring for the well-being of my fellow Americans and my fellow man.  God blinked for a second, and those evil people took advantage of that.  But God pulled us through.

Thank you for reading.

Dedicated to the Lives that Suffered on September 11, 2001.


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