My Poor Characters…

Writers block?? I dont know what that is, because Id hoped it would never apply to me.

So, as instructed by writing experts,  I have developed my characters.  Did it about a year ago.  So for awhile now, my characters have been waiting on me.   They each have a name, a family, issues in their past, likes, dislikes, personality traits, goals/aspirations.  They each come with an elaborate backstory (which I’ll have to weave in) as they each make their personal debut. 

So my characters sit and wait.  Like on the set for a movie, siting in costume, waiting to step into their respective roles.  They’re bored.   I imagine my protagonist male character lying on his back on a bench, one leg hanging off, the right forearm covering his eyes.  The characters at his scene have small-talked ad nauseam.  They have nothing to talk about except what has already been scripted for them.  The only thing they have in common with each other is the storyline I created. 

There they sit, on the set, stuck at a scene, waiting for the director (me) to deliver their next lines.  I haven’t done so in weeks.  Writer’s block??  I don’t know what that is, because I’d hoped it would never apply to me.

By the way, the setting where they wait is in rural Louisiana, where it’s hot and steamy.  Agonizingly uncomfortable.  Some have loosened their costumes, and kicked off their shoes.  Those who have a part near the fetid swamp have to endure it, because at any time, I might pick up that section and edit it.  I expect them to jump up and resume their positions in the scenes.  I might waver them back and forth for awhile.  Take them this way, then no, that way.  But they tolerate it.  All the time.  They’re my characters.  

  I do care for them,  my patiently-waiting characters.  My men- and ladies-in-waiting.  I haven’t forgotten them.  They are relying on me to come around.  So, I will.  Stay tuned.

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CluTteR, no cure…

CluTteR, no cure…

There’s no cure for clutter.  It is the default condition of anything I own around me.  I think I have it more than the average person.  I know I do.  

Believe it or not, I’m pretty organized.   Any thing I don’t touch for weeks or months, sits neatly in its place. I have a neat closet.  Inside my kitchen cabinets are organized.  I have books organized and stored neatly on shelves.  But the floor, the bed, the bathroom counter, and kitchen counter are all cluttered. 

The problem is, anything I touch on a daily basis looks like it’s been thrown and tossed into its resting place:  clothes, shoes, towels, kitchen stuff,  my car…oh, my car… it is the worst. 

My car:  I hardly worry about being carjacked.  A carjacker would be sidetracked because they wouldn’t be able to get in.  There’s only enough room for the driver, and even in that case, the driver would usually be sitting on something.  The passenger seat and floor are full of mail from the mailbox, magazines, books, lots of stuff.  The backseat and trunk are junked, too.  Well, here look for yourself: 

Uh..theres no room to ride with me...

Im in the process of moving...

I’ve had to constantly  lie to people and tell them I’m in the process of moving.  This is the only thing that relieves the shock from their faces, they then nod, and an “oh, I see..”  comes afterward.

 Once a friend ran up to my car while I was about to drive away to hand me something.  She unknowingly pulled open the passenger door, and junk fell out onto her feet and the street.  I couldn’t stop her in time.  It was very embarrassing.  You’d think after that, I’d straighten it out.  Well, I did,  and within a week or two – back to the default clutter. 

The top of my desk at work is a mess.  But inside the drawers, my papers are organized in hanging folders.  What do you make of that?

All suggestions you’re thinking of right now, I’ve tried.  Believe me.  Okay, well, except counseling.  But I don’t want counseling for this.  I already know the answers:  ‘once across the desk….’; ‘put things away right away’; etc.

  I will  have to work on it like I solved the missing keys problem.  I consistently put them in the same place now whenever I come home.  Problem there, solved.  So.  GoalTomorrow:   I’m going to clean out my car. 

My kitchen:  This one will be next.  Here’s a picture of my kitchen taken about 5 years ago.  It spends 75% of the year like this.  The other 25% it is spotless and bare.  At the moment,  it’s actually reasonably neat.  I just have a few groceries (not food) from weeks ago still sitting on top, so not bad.  For now.

My CluTteRRed Kitchen...Ill clear it at, uh...4:30, no, 4:45.


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Bookstore Euphoria…

B&N Entry- just walking through these doors...

When I’m at a bookstore – independent or like a Barnes and Noble, I get a euphoria that is undescribable. When I walk in, I actually feel enveloped by a force of literary greatness in the air.  With the utmost respect, I browse the shelves as though I am at a gallery of fine art, admiring covers and titles, and author names.  I know that behind those covers lie literature that has been nutured through a process – starting with the writer and his creative way with words.   An elaborate story expected to unfold within the reader’s imagination.  Perhaps rather, the work would enhance the reader’s intellect  with a compilation of facts, figures, and tables.  

Books of hardback or paper, small and large, pictureless or artful.  They all have gone through a process. From the author to the agent, followed by the editor, then the publishing house, and ultimately a highly selective process to make it where it is – on display by this noble establishment. 
  New books of this millenium share the shelves with the likeness of the great authors such as Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, and others.  These same titles were enjoyed by people who waited at the docks  for the first printings to arrive from Europe by ship. Current successful authors such as Stephen King, JK Rowling, Janet Evanovich, Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson, and others are recognizeable.

B&N Display of Fame: "what a feeling..."

  Will my book ever make it there?  I actually scanned the shelves to see exactly where my books would reside (based on alphabetized order).  I wouldn’t mind being in the New York Times Bestsellers section either.  But I won’t ask for too much.  Just having the darned thing published and in a bookstore would be a lot for me.  Well, I guess I’d like people to not just pass it by, either.  

  Entertain people, allow them to forget about the trials and tribulations that are inevitably in every person’s life, to experience a great story.. is my goal.  And yeah, it came from me.  I like it, so I hope you do, too. 

That Euphoria draws me in.  Look at those books, the people taken in.  It entices me…

*courtesy crow digital media


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Oh, goodness…

I racked my brain trying to think of a good title for my site.  All the obvious ones that popped into my head, had popped into someones-elses-heads first.  (One thing you’ll realize from my posts is I make up my own phrases and words to get my point across- regardless of what Great Grammar Mamar says.)

The word, trance, entered my mind first, because sometimes I do find myself withdrawing out of a trance of thoughts.  It’s like daydreaming, I guess.  My body will become frozen in what ever task I was involved in, and my mind will have taken over.  The trance could be about anything, my book, a review of a conversation, a reflection on a movie I just watched.  But I’ll be in a state of flowing thoughts, one I actually could break out of if I were really made to. 

In this tranced state, my body seems to be rendered powerless.  Perhaps it’s because my brain needs to slurp up all the energy to carry out its function.  It’s as if the battery power of my whole body gets re-routed to my brain.  Once my brain ends the trance, like a switch I can pick back up with what I was doing.  Sometimes I feel like my body is a robot in limbo waiting for remote control from my brain to start back up again.

Anyway, that was off the subject – but that was kind of a tranced moment, there.  What I wanted to talk about was the word, trance and the fact that it’s my title.  After I chose the title and paid $17, I did a google search for ‘daily trance’. I saw sights about trance music.  I don’t want readers to think that this site or I have anything to do with being under the influence of anything.  I saw some other references to ‘the trance.”  and I thought, oh nooo!  That’s not what I mean!

It’s like naming your child Charles Manson, not having known anything about him, and then later doing a  search and realizing– oh nooo!  

No, it’s not that bad.  A better example would be inventing a drink, and naming it Gatorjuice only to find out there’s something out there already very popular called Gatorade. 

No, that’s not a good example either.  Because it has to be two things of different realms.  So how about designing a beautiful pink and white polka dotted outfit to serve on the cover for a new magazine, only to find out that pink and white polka dot outfits are the official colors of a radical group that believes opposite what you do.

Sorta like that.

Oh well, I’m keeping it.  The Daily Trance.  It’s about the mind.  It’s got nothing to do with the music here, so…


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To Grace or Not…

B&N: A pic I took...dreaming...

To grace bookstore shelves, dress display windows (like at the airport), and now, be projected through Kindle screens is the future any writer wants for his book.  Needless to say, the writer really wants people to read and enjoy his/her work. (I would be ecstatic if just one, one person read and enjoyed my book – beyond the agent and editor, of course.

For me, there would really be no joy unless my book was bought, read, and enjoyed by others.  Just gracing bookshelves is only one lick of the icecream cone.   I would be most satisfied if my book were to be enjoyed not only by many now, but also by many in years (hundreds)  to come.

That’s asking a lot for someone who has little talent.  But hey, ask any writer, dreaming is the fun part..

Listen, to be remembered by name plus a few honorable facts hundreds from years from now is fulfilling.  What is even more fulfilling is to be remembered by name AND by the literary value of your imaginative work.  Oh, how I’d want my book to be on a required reading list, be a souce of a book report, have my characters be referred to on a test…one hundred years from now. 

Think Jesus, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Austen, Twain, Wright, etc. and this is not even a beginning of a comprehensive list.  (No, I know Jesus didn’t write a book, but his parables were written in the minds and hearts of people, and here we are 2,017 years later referring to them.)

That would be success for me.  It is not why I want to write, but it is the method by which I would measure my success as a writer.  Certainly not by any dollar amount.

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