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Oh, goodness…

I racked my brain trying to think of a good title for my site.  All the obvious ones that popped into my head, had popped into someones-elses-heads first.  (One thing you’ll realize from my posts is I make up my own phrases and words to get my point across- regardless of what Great Grammar Mamar says.)

The word, trance, entered my mind first, because sometimes I do find myself withdrawing out of a trance of thoughts.  It’s like daydreaming, I guess.  My body will become frozen in what ever task I was involved in, and my mind will have taken over.  The trance could be about anything, my book, a review of a conversation, a reflection on a movie I just watched.  But I’ll be in a state of flowing thoughts, one I actually could break out of if I were really made to. 

In this tranced state, my body seems to be rendered powerless.  Perhaps it’s because my brain needs to slurp up all the energy to carry out its function.  It’s as if the battery power of my whole body gets re-routed to my brain.  Once my brain ends the trance, like a switch I can pick back up with what I was doing.  Sometimes I feel like my body is a robot in limbo waiting for remote control from my brain to start back up again.

Anyway, that was off the subject – but that was kind of a tranced moment, there.  What I wanted to talk about was the word, trance and the fact that it’s my title.  After I chose the title and paid $17, I did a google search for ‘daily trance’. I saw sights about trance music.  I don’t want readers to think that this site or I have anything to do with being under the influence of anything.  I saw some other references to ‘the trance.”  and I thought, oh nooo!  That’s not what I mean!

It’s like naming your child Charles Manson, not having known anything about him, and then later doing a  search and realizing– oh nooo!  

No, it’s not that bad.  A better example would be inventing a drink, and naming it Gatorjuice only to find out there’s something out there already very popular called Gatorade. 

No, that’s not a good example either.  Because it has to be two things of different realms.  So how about designing a beautiful pink and white polka dotted outfit to serve on the cover for a new magazine, only to find out that pink and white polka dot outfits are the official colors of a radical group that believes opposite what you do.

Sorta like that.

Oh well, I’m keeping it.  The Daily Trance.  It’s about the mind.  It’s got nothing to do with the music here, so…


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