Today’s Feature

Today’s Feature

This page is for anything or person I want to talk about for the day.  It may be as brief as a birthday announcement or as long as a biography on a special person, a review of a good movie, an opinion about something I saw on television, a great food preparation (e.g grits and pecans!).  So check out my today’s feature each day…

  • 4/23/2011       Time has been my biggest enemy.  I need to figure out a way to use it wisely and efficiently.  Efficiency is an attribute which I lack.  Focusing I used to be very good at.  I need to recover that.  I need to limit people who rob more than a reasonable amount of time from me.  I need to be consistent on that, no favorites.   Time needs to be respected.  Scheduling is key with room for deviation.
  • 4/17/2011       I’ve been working on starting up this blog and reading other people’s blogs (many of them quite clever and creative).  So intrigued, I haven’t gotten a darned  thing done this weekend.  I already have a clutter problem as it is… and cleaning the car out, didn’t happen…
  • 4/16/2011       Can our work hours be 6 hours….our weekends be three days…who’s in charge of  this and why can’t we challenge them?  Who’s holding us to this???

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